Immigration Restrictions to prevent spread of new coronavirus (COVID-19)
We currently do not accept e-Visa applications. as it is announced by the official authority, the issuance of Cambodia e-Visa, tourist visa and arrival visa will be suspended from 23:59 on March 30, 2020. Should you wish to visit Cambodia, please contact closest Cambodian embassy or consulate.


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Visa is required when traveling to Cambodia

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Please read ''Terms of Service'' upon applying.
Cambodia e-Visa Application Service provides e-Visa application agency service.
Service fee is USD 108. (Tax included)
Final immigration inspection will be done by local immigration officer upon arriving to India. Issuance of e-Visa certificate or e-Visa is required to undergo immigration inspection, but does not gurantee to pass the inspection.

1. What is an e-Visa?

In order to travel to Cambodia, people of almost all nationalities, excluding Cambodia, are required to obtain a visa.
There are several types of visa. Among them, electronic visas that can be applied for over the internet are referred to as e-Visas.
Since e-Visas are applied for over the internet, they cannot immediately be issued on a passport when the application passes inspection. For that reason, they are issued by stamping the passport at an immigration inspection location of Cambodia.
In addition, in order to undergo the immigration inspection, the separate e-Visa Certificate*1 must be presented.

*1: Because the e-Visa is issued at the time of the immigration inspection, if you are denied entry to the country as a result of the immigration inspection, issuance of your e-Visa may also be denied.

2. What is an e-Visa Certificate?

If the application for an e-Visa passes, the government of Cambodia will issue an e-Visa Certificate. An e-Visa Certificate is a prerequisite for issuance of an e-Visa and part of the documentation necessary to undergo an immigration inspection.
An date, on which an e-Visa certificate expires, is 3 month later from the issuance date. Please travel to the Country within that period to have your e-Visa issued.

3. Required documents

Following items are required for an application.

・Email Address
・Credit card or Paypal account
・Identification Photograph
・Scanned Bio Page of a Passport

Please refer '' Required Documents '' page for details.

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FAQ (Excerpt)

How long does an inspection of an application take?

An estimated inspection length varies depending on when an application has been submitted.

Case 1. Departure date is within 3 month from the date on which an application is submitted.

⇨ The inspection is normally intended to be completed within 72 hours after the Company makes the application on behalf of the Applicant.

Departure date - August 24th 2018
Date on which an application is submitted - July 15th 2018
Date on which an inspection ends - As late as July 18th 2018

Case 2. Departure date is more than 3 month away from the date on which an application is submitted.

⇨ The inspection is normally intended to be completed 1 to 2 moth prior to the departure date.

Departure date - August 25th 2018
Date on which an application is submitted - March 10th 2018
Date on which an inspection ends - Around June 25th 2018

However, depending on the circumstances of the government of the Country (such as system troubles, days off, or temporary issues like busy periods) and the circumstances of the individual inspection, it is possible that a significantly longer period of time will be required.

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I have made an error in application acceptance form. Can I revise?

Yes, you can.

If there is an error in the application information submitted by the Applicant and the application procedure has not yet been completed by performing the final confirmation on the user page, it is possible to correct that error, excluding e-Visa type and purpose of the trip.
However, this may not be possible in the following cases.

(1) The Applicant fails to meet the application requirements.
(2) The Applicant is unable to follow the usage rules.

I got my e-Visa application granted. Is there anything else I have to do before traveling?

Please print two copies of the e-Visa Certificate on A4 paper (black and white may be used).
The e-Visa Certificate can be downloaded from User Page.

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Service Overview and Terms of Service (Excerpt)

We provide an electronic visa application agency service.
We accept application 24/7.

The service fee is USD 108. It includes handling fees (consulting fees, support fees, system usage fees and application agency fees), e-Visa application fee to the government of Cambodia and consumption tax.
Completing an application on our website, an applicant then need to register required documents from User Page. Applcation agency service will not start unless the registration is complete. Please complete the registration as soon as possible. Detailed procedure of the registration, login ID and password for User Page are included in acceptance completion email with ''Cambodia e-Visa application procedure'' in the subject line.
We will send notifications related to the Service to the Applicant's registered email. When settlement completes and provision of the Service begins, and only at this time, the Applicant will be notified by an acceptance completion email with ''Cambodia e-Visa application procedure'' in the subject line. Additionally, a ''Payment complete (service provision started)'' notification will appear on the Website.

If the notification email does not arrive, it may be for one of the following reasons.

・There is a mistake in the email address.
・An email filter is set.
・You are using a mobile phone that is set to block emails from certain domains.
・The inbox is full.

Please contact customer support with the correct email address or a different email address that can receive the notification email.
For mobile phones, please ensure that your phone permits reception of email from the domain of the customer support email address before contacting support.
Submitted information will be encrypted and stored securely.
Credit card information (credit card number, expiration date and CVV) is sent directly to Paypal without being stored in the Company's database.
If there is an error in the application information submitted by the Applicant and the application procedure has not yet been completed by performing the final confirmation on User Page, it is possible to revise that error, excluding e-Visa type.
If you wish to cancel the Service for your own reasons, please contact customer support immediately. Once we receive the email, we will check the status of the application. If we have not already submitted the application to the government of the Country, we will charge 50% of the service fee as a cancellation fee, cancel the Service and refund the remainder of the service fee. We cannot cancel the Service or refund the service fee if we have already submitted the application to the government of the Country.
We will cancel a provision of the service if we requests the Applicant to perform the required application procedure in the course of the Service, but the Applicant fails to carry out that procedure before the application deadline and an additional 60 days pass after the application deadline. We do not refund in this case.
Cambodia e-Visa Application Service is a private enterprise that provides an electronic visa application agency service for Cambodia. Linkages in the Service with websites or web services that are operated by a third party do not imply any cooperation, coordination, authorization or other collaborative relationship between the Service and the operators of the Third-Party Sites or Services.

India e-Visa can be applied directly from Cambodia government website with the application fee of US$36.

Please be sure to read ''Terms of Service'' in full and agree before applying. If you do not agree with the terms, we cannot accept your application.

The service fee is the price for usage of the Service.
It does not refer only to the application agency fee (work fee) and e-Visa application fee.
The Company will begin provision of the Service once the payment completes.
It is not possible to refund the full amount simply because the application as an agent has not yet been made or the e-Visa application fee has not yet been paid.