Service Overview

We provide an electronic visa application agency service.
We accept application 24/7.

The service fee is USD 108. It includes handling fees (consulting fees, support fees, system usage fees and application agency fees), e-Visa application fee to the government of Cambodia and consumption tax.
Procedure for using the service is as follows.*
1. Apply for the Service
2. Pay the service fee
3. Log in to the user page
4. Complete the application procedure
5. Receive the inspection result

*Please refer acceptance completion email with ''Cambodia e-Visa application procedure'' in the subject line for detailed procedure.

Entry Form Optimization

Each forms are optimized to reduce errors while making input easier.

User Page

Applicant can manage their applications on this page. Receipt and e-Visa Certificate can be printed from this page.
Useful functions such as Group/Family/Re application is also available on this page.


It's one of various functions provided on a User Page.
You can apply using application information you previously registered.
All basic information will be inherited. Hence, you will be able to re-apply easily.
Also, you can conveniently manage multiple applications under a signle account.

Group/Family Application

Application information of families and fellow travelers can be managed under a single account.
Representative of an group/family can manage all application information without switching accounts.
Some shared information among family can be inherited from a master application to help reduce form input.

Secure Electronic Storage

Information related to applications will be securely stored on a server.
The information is instantly accessible when inquired.

Email Retransmission

We retransmit various emails when requested.
Applicant doesn't neet to worry even when mistakenly disposing an email with e-Visa certificate attached.

EASY and SAFE, Cambodia e-Visa Application Service

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